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Project Summary

The Miracle League has put an aggressive plan for construction of special Miracle Baseball Leagues and specially built rubber sports surface fields around the globe. The goal is to build as many Miracle League complexes as possible in order to serve children with special needs. Presently the Miracle League has 225 plus Miracle League Organizations across the country including Puerto Rico, serving 100,000 children and young adults.  Upon the completion of the first 500 Miracle League fields we will be able to serve 1.3 million children with disabilities. And continue to help bring Miracle League complexes to all major cities throughout the nation and around the globe.

Our goal is to raise at least $300,000.00 for OTM Miracle League. We plan to help raise the money through corporate donations, foundations grants and private contributions. The City of Hoover and Hoover East ballpark (off the Acton road exit of I-459, near Hwy. 280) have teamed up to provide the location for our Miracle League field.  The field will be within Hoover East ballpark's "main hub". 

Aerial rendering of proposed Over the Mountain Miracle League field at Hoover East Park, Hoover, Alabama Close-up of aerial rendering of proposed Over the Mountain Miracle League field at Hoover East Park, Hoover, Alabama
Artists rendering of proposed Over the Mountain Miracle League field at Hoover East Park, Hoover, Alabama  

The Miracle League will enrich the lives of children with disabilities as well as their families and their communities. It demonstrates to children with disabilities that they are not limited by their disability but can take the advantage of such an opportunity to play America’s favorite pass time baseball, just like their brothers, sisters and friends. When a kid crosses home plate it gives their parents such joy to see their child play baseball just like all other boys and girls. The community achieves much when it works together to produce such an outstanding project as a Miracle League and a Miracle League Field.

“Zack”, a 8 year old from Myrtle Beach, upon hitting his first ever baseball slowly walked to first base with his crippled legs, Upon arriving at first base he hugged me and yelled, “I did it, I did it, I’m really going to play baseball.”

Little Sarah was ask by NBC while airing their game, “What were you thinking then you came around third base and was heading toward home plate? She said, “I remember looking at my mommy and thinking how proud she was of me.”

“Lauren was quoted saying to her grandmother, long distance over the phone after a Miracle League game, “I am the luckiest girl in the world.”

And Missy asking, “Why can’t we play in the rain?”

Or watching a beautiful 14-year-old blind girl, play Miracle League baseball in an amazing way. When she was up to bat, her coach yelled, “Swing” as the ball was thrown to her. She then hit the ball into center field and ran towards her assistant coach who was calling her name from first base. Once she reached first base, her head coach called to her from second base, and her assistant again called to her from third base. The coaches repeated this scenario at each base. As Ashley crossed home plate, she was smiling with such incredible pride. She had accomplished what so many children take for granted – freely running the bases of a baseball diamond.

Your community has a Zack, Sarah, Lauren, Missy and an Ashley that deserves the same opportunity to play baseball. When you see the smiling faces and the gleam in their eyes you ask yourself two questions,

“How quickly can we build more Miracle League Complexes?” and “What have we done lately to make a difference, in a child’s life.”



Diane Alford

            National Executive Director


Matt Bearden

            The Over the Mountain Miracle League President




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